What to expect at the
FLANZ 2021 Conference 

In association with Massey University of New Zealand.


Relax and enjoy a flexible, high trust and easy access  approach to conferencing.

Access to the Zoom streams

Delegates will be provided with the URL for each of the three Zoom streams by email the day before the conference. These URLs will not be published anywhere else so keep a track of them.


To make the access as simple as possible there are no passwords - you just click on the link and wait to be admitted. You can come and go across all the streams as you like.


Please do not share the URLs, they are for registered conference delegates. 

When you are in the Zoom streams

You will be muted when you arrive in the Zoom stream. We ask you to display your correct name. This will allow us to ensure only registered delegates are present in the sessions.


Feel free to introduce yourself, chat and reach out to other delegates using the chat function. Questions can be posed in the chat. Each session has an administrator who will manage the questions and pose selected questions to the presenter as time allows.


What happens in Zoom chat stays in Zoom chat

The chat will not be captured when the sessions are published post conference. If there are links or contacts you want to retain you should be prepared to do that independently of the chat.


The plenary stream


The plenary stream is where our master of ceremonies, Greg Ward, will bring us and the programme together. This is where our keynote speakers will present. The plenary stream is broadcast from the principal venue, Victoria University of Wellington.

If you have lost your way in the programme the plenary stream will be the best place to come back to in order to orientate yourself.